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Complete honeymoon guide to Positano

As a destination photographer who often works on Positano weddings and elopements, I always receive loads of questions and requests for recommendations whenever I share snippets from our trips. Without a doubt, Positano feels like second home and every enquiry for a wedding in Amalfi makes my heart skip a bit. I alway love coming back here to capture beautiful love stories, and this destination simply never disappoints. Following the hight demand, I decided to put together a honeymoon guide to Positano to share everything you need to know before booking a trip of your dreams.

Positano Wedding Photographer
Positano Honeymoon Guide


The closest airport to Positano is Naples, and it networks the majority of European airports. Once you reach Naples, the car trip to Positano is around 1 hour 20 minutes.

The easiest way to get to Positano is to rent a car, but that is recommended if you’re a confident driver. Renting a car in Naples Airport is easy, and we had a great experience choosing Sicily By Car. Renting a car in Naples Airport is usually €150-€200/3 days.

If you, however, opt for a different transport, these are the options you have:

Train: There is no direct train connection to Positano, however you can take the train from Naples Airport to towns located closer to Positano- for example Sorrento or Salerno.

Ferry: You can opt for a ferry to Positano from Naples, Amalfi, Salerno or Sorrento. The ferries only operate during the day and you may need to pay additional fee for takin g your luggage on board.

Bus: The SITA bus to Positano is the most affordable way to get to Positano. The ride from Sorrento to Positano will be around 40 minutes and cost you around €2.

Positano Wedding Photographer


Somewhere between tasting world’s best tiramisu and sipping limoncello, there are many incredible things to do and see while voyaging across the Amalfi Coast. 

1. Stay in an ultimately luxurious hotel that provides some of the best and most dreamy views in Europe! Check out La SirenuseVilla TrevilleHotel Villa Franca Positano or Hotel Poseidon for your stay inspiration. 

2. Visit Santa Maria’s Church or in Italian “Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta” located just a stone’s throw from the beach, in the heart of Positano.

3. Rent a boat! Positano is the perfect place to book a day or hourly boat rental. The Amalfi Coast has one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world and what better way to watch it all than from the sea? Check out Blue Star Positano for boat rentals.

4. Rent a paddleboard or kayak. Are you running on a low travel budget but still want to take in the incredible views from the sea? To your advantage, there are several paddleboard and kayak rentals across the beach. 

5. Spend a day chilling under the iconic orange parasols on the Marina Grande Beach. 

6. Indulge in delicious food. There are tons of great restaurants in Positano, stepping into gems such as La Tagliata or Capricci will reward you with an incredible selection of traditional dishes and wine. 

7. Take the hike along “The Path of Gods”. The “Sentiero Degli Dei,” is a scenic trek on the Amalfi Coast that ends in Nocelle, above Positano.

8.  Explore the grottos. There are several grottos located along the dramatic Positano coastline and these are easily accessible by a boat rental or a guided tour.

9. Rent a vintage car or Vespa! Check out Positano Vintage Dream for the coolest wheels.

Positano Wedding Photographer


As 2-3 days are more than enough to explore the best spots in Positano, you may want to take a look at the day trips you can take from there. 

Positano to Ravello- If you’re renting a car, you can’t miss a scenic drive to beautiful Ravello. It takes around 1 hour to get here when the traffic’s light. On your way, you can also visit Praiano, Amalfi and Atrani and stop in many incredible locations you will spot along the way. 

Positano to Capri- There’s variety of boat trips to Capri available here in Positano. You can choose from private to shared excursions. A shared boat from Positano to Capri is more or less €100/person. 

Positano to Pompei and Vesuvius- If you’re history lover, you may want to explore Pompei and Vesuvius as it’s only 1 hour drive from Positano. There are also a variety of guided tours available.

Positano to Sorrento– Another gorgeous location nearby is Sorrento. You can either drive up there or explore it from the boat, which is often a part of cruises to Capri. 

Positano to Naples– Naples is definitely worth visiting when you arrive in Italy and if that’s your flight destination. Pause here and visit Naples historical centre and try famous Napoletana pizza (ideally in Sorbillo!).

Positano Honeymoon Guide
Amalfi Wedding Photographer
Positano Honeymoon Guide
Positano Honeymoon Guide


The selection of accommodation in Positano can be overwhelming. From ultra-luxurious properties to enchanting villas- check out our handpicked list of the best hotels for every budget.


Il San Pietro De Positano– Offering a picturesque private beach, wellness cenre and a Michelin-starred restaurant, Il San Pietro di Positano is one of the best luxury hotels you can book in Positano. This luxurious 5-star hotel features elegantly furnished rooms with a terrace and sea views. | FROM $1800/night

Le Sirenuse Hotel Positano– The most iconic Positano’s luxury hotel, attracting travellers with its high-end amenities and the spectacular location overlooking Spiaggia Grande and the hills. | FROM $1200/night

Villa Treville Positano– Comprised of 5 luxury villas, Villa Treville is a peaceful oasis surrounded by lush tropical gardens and pine trees. This hotel owns a private seaside deck as it cascades down the rocky coast. | FROM $1500/ night

Villa Boheme Positano– The Lux­ury Villa rentals is lo­cated in a quiet and pleas­ant lo­ca­tion in the city cen­tre, 85 steps down­hill from the main road. The breath­tak­ing view of Posi­tano, the Amalfi Coast’s multicolour sun­sets and lush Mediterranean gardens- all you would have imagined. | FROM $1400/night

Positano Wedding Photographer


Hotel Poseidon Positano– You cannot go wrong with booking a stay in Hotel Poseidon. Everything from the most jaw-dropping views, prime location to the highest standard of service is included in the booking rate. | FROM $800/night

Hotel Eden Roc Positano– A charming family-run boutique hotel where deep care about details and guest experience comes first. Prime location, exquisite views and luxury amenities are guaranteed here at Eden Roc. | FROM $600/night

Hotel Villa Franca Positano– Belonging to Small Luxury Hotels group, Villa Franca is located right in the heart of the town and provides top culinary and stay experiences. And, wait, it has a rooftop swimming pool too! | FROM $600/night

Positano Wedding Photographer
Amalfi Coast Elopement
Amalfi Coast Elopement


Villa Yiara– On the more budget side of reservation price, there’s enchanting Residence Villa Yiara. The small villa attracts travellers with its light and traditionally designed interiors, spacious terraces and town panoramas. | FROM $200/night

Positano Art Hotel Pasitea– Influenced by Southern Italy art and designs, Hotel Pasitea is a perfect place to choose for your stay. The rooms are stylish, comfy and majority of them has private balconies facing these iconic Positano panoramas. | FROM $180/night

B&B Venus Inn Positano– A comfy family-run B&B located right in the heart of Positano. Featuring free WiFi and a terrace, B&B Venus Inn Positano offers accommodation 550 yards from Spiaggia del Fornillo. | FROM $220/night

Positano Wedding Photographer


When coming to Positano expect a lot of seafood! Most of the restaurants here serve fish, seafood, pasta and pizzas- the Italian classics. You can find enchanting restaurants and cafes along the main road as well as by Grande Spiaggia. Both locations equal amazing food served over breathtaking views.

Since there are not many grocery shops around, you will most likely rely on eating out in town. Unless you’re renting an AirBnb, preparing your own food may not always be an option. Especially when the bigger food shops are located outside Positano.

There are a few small food and wine shops and you’ll find them along the main road. I loved buying local snacks and wine and enjoying them on my hotel balcony later!

Positano Wedding Photographer
Positano Wedding Photographer


You don’t need a high budget to enjoy the iconic Positano restaurants. Many of them overlook the famous Positano panoramas and serve delicious local food, but in order to have a space you should reserve it before your trip. It may be a challenge to get a good table with a view during a high season, unless you book in advance.

Here is the handpicked list of my favourite restaurants in Positano.

La Sponda– Restaurant located in Le Sirenuse hotel which guarantees the best view and delicious food. Although La Sponda is on a high budget side- the culinary experience you’ll have here will be worth every penny.

Il Ritrovo– One of the best seafood restaurants in town. Expect great value for money, friendly and cosy atmosphere and food to die for.

Rada Restaurant Positano– Rada restaurant is located right by the Grande Spiaggia neighbouring the seashore and famous blue parasols. It aesthetically pleasing patio is a perfect background to blend in and enjoy the panoramic views.

Il Fornillo– Classic Campania and Neapolitan food at affordable prices.

Saraceno D’Oro– Relaxed atmosphere, delicious and refreshing pasta in a convenient location.

Franco’s Bar– Again, Le Sirenuse and it’s famous Franco’s bar. Without a doubt, this is one of the coolest spot to hang out at. It opens daily at 5pm till midnight and serves drinks only.

Il Tridente– A gorgeous pergola restaurant located in the Poseidon hotel. This place is well known for it’s spectacular location and, obviously, delicious food.

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If you’re coming to Positano, leave some space in your luggage! Amalfi is home to world’s best ceramics, decorated in a classic Campania style. Anything from handmade home accessories to clothing- the charming local boutiques have it all. I fell in love with the lemon-themed kitchen utensils and olive oil bottles. I brought some of these with me and they add all the colour and sunny Amalfi vibe to my home decor!

Amalfi Wedding Photographer
Amalfi Wedding Photographer


Is it easy to drive in Positano? It is, if you’re an experienced and patient driver. Although the road across Amalfi is one of the most scenic drives you can only imagine, it also has its challenges. First of all, Positano and Amalfi roads are quite narrow and suspended in the mountains along the shore. If you’re afraid of heights, you may find driving here difficult. The traffic in Positano can get really heavy during high season too. Since there are many tourist buses passing through, they often block the narrow roads causing huge jams. There are also pedestrians wandering the streets so you have to pay extra attention everywhere you go.

When driving in Positano, keep in mind that the main routes are one-way. If you miss your stop, you will need to take a 25 minute round to come back to the same locations. There are no shortcuts, as the roads in Amalfi are carved in rocks which highly limits the number of available routes.

Positano Honeymoon Guide


Parking in Positano is something you need to budget for before coming to Amalfi as it’s neither cheap nor vastly available. The only free parking spaces near Positano are in Montepertuso and Nocelle area. From here you can take a shuttle ‘Flavio Gioia’ which costs €1.60 per person and goes into the town centre. Parking in public areas will cost around €6/hour and it will be a challenge to find a free space during the season’s peek.

In most of public parkings you can pay by card, however it’s always handy to have cash just in case.

The parking spaces we used before: Positano Parcheggio, Parking Ma.Cri, Parcheggio Carpineto Positano.

If you’re traveling to Positano by car, you need to add a parking fee to your hotel stay. Hardly any hotels in Positano have their own parkings. For this reason, in most cases the staff organises to park your car in a nearby private parking. The daily rates are usually around €25-€30. Make sure to discuss this with the hotel prior to your arrival.

Positano Wedding Photographer


Although Positano is all-year-round destination, you would like to visit it either in April-early May or late September-October for the best weather, less crowds and moderate prices.

The high season in Positano starts in late May and lasts up until September with the peek falling in July and August.

Amalfi Coast Elopement


Despite the weather in spring and autumn months can be unpredictable and with possible rainfalls, traveling in lower season will hugely favour your spendings. The hotel prices can be even 60% lower and the same applies to car rentals. If you’re lucky to have sunny weather, you’ll be able to get the best of Positano without the crowds and destroying your budget!


Nothing can beat the beauty of Positano in summer. The guarantee of perfectly hot weather, dreamiest sunsets, the water warm enough to swim, iconic parasols, flowery trees in full bloom- this is Amalfi from the postcards you’ve seen. However, it’s all accompanied by crowds and sky-high prices. Everything gets fully booked quickly, the carparks are full and the traffic is heavy.


If you have a chance to visit Positano in winter- don’t hesitate! Although there’s high possibility of rain and storms, all becomes very affordable and there are hardly any tourists around. When traveling in winter, keep in mind that some restaurants may be temporarily closed and that the boats companies don’t operate due to weather conditions.


Thank you for your time reading through our guide. We hope it will help you plan a trip of your dreams, or maybe inspire a destination for your wedding!

Take a peek and Jenn and Jimmy’s Amalfi elopement if you seek wedding inspiration!

Positano Honeymoon Guide
Amalfi Coast Elopement
Positano Wedding Photographer
Positano Honeymoon Guide
Positano Honeymoon Guide
Amalfi Wedding Photographer
Amalfi Coast Elopement
Positano Wedding Photographer
Amalfi Coast Elopement
Positano Elopement Photographer

May 25, 2022

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